Vibrators can be a lot of fun, whether you are alone or with a partner. Various models give you the length, girth, and speed that you need in order to reach a full climax. These can be kept away in a drawer and pulled out when you need them the most. Stimulate a variety of regions with them, and don’t hold back on account of being alone and under the covers, either.


With so many shapes and sizes, you are sure to find one (or more) that will bring you into a whole new realm of pleasure. Our vibrators are made from the highest quality materials, and you can even find waterproof ones so you can bring your new friend into the bath tub with you!



Dildos are like diamonds…they are a girl’s best friend. We have a large variety of dildos for you to choose from, for vaginal and anal use. They come in many shapes, sizes, colors, and materials.

Whether you want a realistic dildo made out of silicone, a glass one, or even a double ended want to play with a friend, you are sure to find them here.

You may even want to check out our Clone a Willy kit, where a mold can be made from your favorite tool – and then you can always have it with you, wherever you go.


For Him

Whether you are looking for some fun play all alone, or you want to heat things up with your partner, our “For Him” category can be a whole lot of fun. You can take the right for play to the next level with penis time, prostate toys, and much more. If you plan on playing alone, we have a large selection of love dolls, and you can always turn to a fleshlight where you can choose the ideal orifice to play with.

If you would like to enhance what you already have, you can also find an array of penis pumps and sexual enhancers, which can add length, girth, as well as more staying power.


For Her

Take some “me” time for yourself beneath the covers or heat things up with a partner with an array of women’s sexy toys. All of these products in the “For Her” section are designed to help a woman, and this includes vibrators, dildos, bullets, clitoral massagers, and much more.

You can take love making to a new level with a strap on or try out some BDSM with nipple toys and more. Want to reach the G-spot in the most effective way? Try a want where you can get the perfect angle.


For Couples

There’s nothing more intimate in a couple’s relationship than being open and honest with each other. You can bring out an array of couples toys, which will be sure to help you in your sexual adventures. You can try various sex swings and furniture to get the right angle, try out some kinky

bondage to heighten the sensations of foreplay, and get naughty with some adult games.

Whether it’s for two, three, or a whole swinger’s party, we have an array of high quality items that are sure to help you and your partner enjoy every moment in the bedroom – or anywhere else you choose to play.


Anal toys

What’s the fun in playing if you’re not going to go for anal stimulation every now and again? This is seen as one of the most sensual areas of the body, once you open yourself up to it. We have an array of toys to help in this area, ranging from anal beads to butt plugs, and everything inbetween.

You can use various trainer kids to get you started, and anal lubes can help to make sure that everything slides in the position. Whether you want manual or automatic stimulation, we have a toy that will fit your desires.


Bullets and Eggs

Small in size and large in power, bullet and egg vibrators can bring a whole new level of excitement into the bedroom. We offer a wide selection for you to choose from. They are easy to conceal, so you can even keep one in your purse or pocket so that you have a discrete option for traveling. It’s a versatile addition to your sex toy box.

Just because you are going small doesn’t mean you are giving up any sensation. These can be quite powerful, and you can decide where you want to get the stimulation.



Role playing can bring a lot of mischief and fun into the bedroom. You may want to be a naughty schoolgirl, a sexy nurse, or even a cop with a fetish for hosiery. You can let your imagination run wild – and we have the costumes to help give some authenticity to your role. It may be just what

you need in order to shake things up within your sex life – and your partner is sure to go crazy when he or she sees you in your sexy costume.

Keep it for the bedroom alone, or head to a costume party where you are sure to get noticed right away.



Massagers are an awesome option, whether you want some one-on-one time with yourself or you are looking to heat things up with a partner. These look more like a back massager than a typical vibrator. The secret benefit to them is that they can provide a deep and powerful vibration that can rock you to your core. They comport to your body, and will hit the right spot so that you can lay back and scream in ecstasy.

All you have to do is choose the color and power that is going to work best for you.


Penis Rings

Often seen as jewelry for the penis, penis rings are a great way for the man to control blood flow and delay ejaculation. It is also a sex toy that is pleasurable for men and women, simultaneously.

Many of the rings have vibrating tools on them, capable of routing on the clitoris during penetration. This is sure to leave both of you satisfied and panting after a session of lovemaking.

Explore the various options, including metal and silicone, allowing you to get the snug fit that you desire. We have the tools that are designed to bring you maximum pleasure in a compact size.



When you are looking for light bondage, straps are a great way to get things going. Sometimes, body parts get in the way – and straps will make it easier to restrain your partner. You can also find various straps that will attach to the mattress, allowing you to pin your partner down to where

you want them – and in the position that best suits you.

Consensual play with leather and nylon straps can be a lot of fun, and help to delay the climax that will eventually be had between the two of you.



There’s the old saying…sticks and stones may break my bones, but whips and chains excite me.

Whether you’re an old pro or you are looking to take things to an all new level, our bondage kits are sure to give you exactly what you need. You can find ticklers and whips, restraints, as well as clothing.

Many of the kits provide plenty of mischief, ranging from handcuffs and blindfolds to lovers and ticklers. You can find nipple clamps, vibrators, and much more – it is simply a matter of finding the comfort level between you and your partner.



It’s easy for your partner to squirm around, and this may make it hard for you to give them the pleasure they seek out. Lucky for you, there are restraints that can help you give them what they want most in the world. You can choose handcuffs or pleasure tape. There’s also the ever famous

spreader bar, which is ideal when you don’t want thighs closing in your way.

If you want to up kinky factor a little bit more, you can also find web restraints for the mattress, over the door crosses, as well as giddy up harnesses. As long as you are both into it, the sky is the limit.



There’s nothing sexier than getting to unwrap a package in the bedroom, especially one that’s covered in lace, satin, or other flirty materials. Our lingerie collection is sure to get the blood pumping. You can feel feminine, flirty, and downright slutty in the various lingerie selections we

have available. These can make you feel highly desired when you step into the room and watch your partner’s eyes bulge and mouth drop.

Choose from panties, thongs, baby dolls, garters, teddys, corsets, and even body stockings. Get instant confidence when you dress up for a special evening, and let your partner unwrap the package.


Adult Movies

Adult movies can help to set the mood. We have a wide array of top DVDs for you to choose from – and so many sexual themes that your fetish is sure to be found. Whether you are looking for lesbian, MIF, group sex, cream pies, or anything else, we have it.

Movies are great for when you’re at home and wanting to knock one out on your own as well as when you’re with a partner and looking to sexually charge the atmosphere. Regardless of your fantasy, we can help to bring it to the screen.


Lubes & Oils

It’s hard to get anything done in a desert – and that’s why we offer a premium selection of lubes and oils. They can help you to achieve maximum wetness. Some of our lubes and oils are flavored, while others add heat. These can be a lot of fun to play around with, whether you are playing alone or with a partner.

You can find both water-based and silicone lubes, allowing you to match your preferences. And if you want to Go Long in the bedroom, check out some of the male sexual enhancers that can, ahem, help you every step of the way.


Sex Furniture

Have you ever found it hard to get into just the right position when you’re going for something new, like out of the Kama Sutra? Allow us to introduce you to sex furniture. We have all sorts of different options, including inflatable position pillows so that you can get hips up to just the right level. There are also nice swings that can hang over the door, sex tools, heart wedges, and much more.

Even if you are looking to do some erotic dancing, we have dance poles that you can install in no time at all within your home. It’s time to have some uninhibited fun, and we had just what you need.


Nipple Toys

The nipples can be easily stimulated, and when you’re ready to move past playful pinching, our vast selection of nipple toys are sure to spice things up. We have nipple clamps and ties in an array of materials, and even ones that vibrate. This means you can have some fun while being strapped to the bed – and no one even has to touch you.

When you’re ready to take things to the next level, try a triple clamp that goes all the way to the clitoris, or perhaps weighted clamps to add some extra stimulation.



Condoms are a must for safe play in the bedroom and everyone has preferences. From latex to sheep skin, you can get the sheath of protection that you need, while still feeling every single sensation there is to have. Various colors are available, and you can even find one that glow-in-
the-dark. Ribbed for her pleasure are always a popular option, and you can find sampler packs as a way of being able to try a few different styles until you get the one that truly works best. Fire & Ice is also a great combination, providing fireworks of sorts between the two of you upon penetration.


Love Dolls

Love dolls have come a long way over the years. Once known as blowup dolls, these can be ideal for you to play alone or in the company of a friend. Various themes are available, so you can live out your dreams. Enjoy a blonde, brunette, an instant three some, or even Asian animate. These inflated in moments, and provide you with access to the orifice you love the most – oral, vaginal, or anal – or all three.

Many of the dolls will also come with a DVD, helping you to live out a fantasy a little bit more. Enjoy these on your own, or bring one to a bachelor party for a good time.


Adult Games

Sometimes it’s hard to get things going. People are shy. There is one sure way to help everyone’s inhibition slip away. Break out an adult game where sex and curse words are abundant. From dirty days to various board games, they can help you to determine exactly how dirty your partner is. You may get to try some new things, take on new sexual roles, and explore some different fetishes.

We also have an array of coupon books and weekender Kit so that you have exactly what you need. It’s always a good idea to have some provisions on hand.


Penis Sleeves & Enhancers

It’s always a good idea to give a little bit more, and with the penis sleeves and enhancers, you can get the direction you need, and maintain it for longer. If you want to add girth, a penis sleeve is ideal, while length can be achieved with an enhancer. You can get the staying power you need to impress your partner, and it can add more sensations, too. This way, you can deliver up a pleasurable experience, even if you are playing it so low for the evening.

These are all easy to wear, ensuring that you can still participate in all of your favorite positions.