Blue Twis (Glass)
SKU: 27100.

Size: 18.5×3-5cm

Material: Pyrex The non-porous texture requires less lubrication and is quite easy to use. Moreover the sparkling glass dildo in capable to stimulate your natural body heat. Enjoy new sensations.

Made from pyrex and can resiste low temperature from -200 celsius degree to high temperature up to +500 celsius degrees. So they are safe for refrigerator or boiling water. Customer can feel different sensation of them by heat in hot water or cold it in refrigerator.
clean Glass Dildos?

You can use almost anything to clean your Glass Dildo so long as you rinse it off with warm water and dry it before use. Care for toys: Caring for your Pyrex Glass Dildo is very easy. But if you take proper care of your collection, they can last a lifetime. Here are a few suggestions for cleaning and caring for your Glass toys.

 You can clean using any toy cleaner according to the cleaner’s directions.

 You can clean using antibacterial hand soap or dish soap (this is probably the best way). Just be sure to rinse the toy well with warm water after washing.

 If you’ve not used your toy in awhile, be sure to rinse it off with warm water before use (just to be sure it’s still clean).

 If you cool or warm your toy, have fun, but remember to be gentle. A bowl of warm/hot water or cool/cold water is the best way to go. Avoid extremes like microwaves, boiling, ovens, blow torches, blast freezers, snow, etc. Pyrex does stand up to the extremes but there are limits for both your toy and yours and your partners ‘sensitive’ areas.

 When not in use, ALWAYS store your Glass Dildo in the provided pouch to prevent your collection from colliding. Bumping glass against glass can cause small marks in the surface, or in a really bad collision, cause your Glass art to break (and we don’t want that). Alternatively, feel free to leave your pieces out on your bedside table, dresser, or even the mantle over your fireplace

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