Size: 26.5*9.5cm(10.4*3.7”)

Material: Silicone


– 10 modes stimulation

– Waterproof
How about making you sex life more interesting? You are always wanted to experience with stylish toys, and maybe you even have a few favorites around the house now…it’s time to try out this intimate friend. You will love this guy. It’s easy to charge, and offer amazing ten levels of sexual pleasure. you can experience with them all and find the ones that really hit the spot. It will bring the unforgettable feeling.

Thank you for your wise choice in purchasing our quality brand in vibrators. We know how important it is for our customers to have both reliable and safe vibrators so you can use your item absolutely worry free. All our vibrators are sold as adult novelties and may be used as a foreplay device, massaging or stimulant device or for sexual intercourse.


1. Apply a reasonable amount of lubricant to the surface of the vibrator. 2. Insert the vibrator into the vagina or anus as smooth as is necessary not to cause any discomfort to you or your partner. It is advisable to begin slowly and build up confidence to a speed which most satisfies you. 3. Once inserted, twist or push speed control gently to a vibrating speed that is desirable or choose a function from the control unit to suit your needs. 4. After use, switch off your vibrator from the control and remove slowly from your body. 5. Clean your vibrator carefully with alcohol or preferred cleanser after every use and store in a cool and dry place until you are ready to use again.


1. This vibrator is sold to adults and as a novelty item only. 2. The supplier bears no responsibility for the product should the product be mistreated. 3. To avoid problems, don’t use the item on any infected or irritated skin. 4. Store your vibrator on its own and not combined with other products of varying materials as they may cause chemical reactions and produce break down in chemical structures. 5. When you are finished using your vibrator allow it to cool down before storing away. 6. Excessive usage of the vibrator will cause wear on the motor and cause the motor to overheat. If this happens and the vibrator seems alarmingly hot, switch it off immediately and allow to cool down before using again. 7. Make sure your batteries are new and that they were all inserted at the same time. Do not use old batteries with new batteries for operation

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